Kyiv, Ukraine – TIU Canada has begun construction of a new solar plant near Kalynivka village, in Mykolaiv region. The new project is called Vita Solar, with the planned peak capacity of 13,5MW, covering an area of 20.2 hectares. The solar panels are produced by Longi Solar, and the inverters are produced by SMA.

Mykolaiv region has one of the best locations for solar radiation in Ukraine. The measurements from Kalynivka show that the levels of solar radiation are at 1551 kw/m2. This plant will help to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by 18,212 tons per year.

Valentyna Beliakova, Country Director of TIU Canada in Ukraine said: “We have carefully selected the new site for this station, technically and logistically it is one of the best locations that is available to us”.  

Michael Yurkovich, President of Refraction Asset Management, the holding company for TIU Canada said: “Following the completion of our first project in Nikopol, this is a logical next step. This station will uphold our high standards that we set for everything that we work with – starting from the materials and ending with our EPC contractor, Helios Strategia.”The plant will be commissioned later this year and will begin the generation no later than January 2019.

TIU Canada started its operations in Ukraine from June 2017, when the construction of the Nikopol solar plant begun.  TIU Canada is owned by Refraction Asset Management, out of Calgary, Alberta. 

For general information about the company, please contact: Refraction Asset Management, Suite 1110 202 6thAvenue, Calgary Alberta T2P 2R9, or +1-587-352-5071. Web site